Bárbara Gomes

Instituto de Medicina Molecular - João Lobo Antune

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday (10:00 - 12:30)
  • Wednesday (14:00 - 16:30)
DescriptionThe iMM – Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes is a leading Portuguese private non-profit research institute that offers a vibrant scientific environment, aiming to nurture innovative ideias in basic, clinical and translational biomedical research. Created in 2002, iMM has established itself as a leading national and internationally competitive biomedical institute. Its strategy has been defined by promotion of excellence, leveraged by high-quality human resources, increasing expenditure in infrastructures and knowledge transfer to the society. iMM is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer offering attractive conditions and benefits.
Organization Type University / R&D Institution,
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Research Collaborations

Research collaborations in the area of Biomedical research with special focus on:
- Immunology
- Infection
- Neurosciences
- Oncobiology
- Translational biomedical R&D
- Cell & Developmental Biology

Keywords: OncobiologyCancerInfectionBiomedicalTranslationNeurosciencesResearchImmunologyBiologyHealthPersonalizedMedicine